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Ika Abravanel

According to Ika Abravanel’s opinion, painting is a kind of meditation. It emerges out of a very pure and authentic place, sometimes from a hidden and mysterious place. You usually begin when you have some kind of idea. There is even an aspect of planning, because the imagination evokes an image, which can sometimes be highly detailed, but the outcome is completely dissimilar. This is because as the process develops, additional ideas suddenly come up, and various techniques are used, and often the original concept is even completely abandoned, and the painting becomes something else entirely that comes from a source that is difficult to define. Sometimes it is called inspiration. 

Ika was discovered at a very young age by Yvette Schupak, who was Marc Chagall’s student, and began studying painting, mainly in oil and pastels, as well as drawing and engraving.
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